By 2022, experts forecast the affiliate marketing industry will eclipse the $8 billion mark, nearly double what it was worth in 2015. Where there is money, there is an increased likelihood for crime—and in this case, fraud.

Affiliate fraud aims to cheat merchants, buyers, or legitimate affiliates through the use of misleading or fraudulent activity to earn illegitimate commissions. Through the use of bots, click farms, malicious browser extensions, and more, fraudsters have many opportunities to hijack the affiliate marketing process.


In our e-book, Affiliate Marketing Fraud 101, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Various types of ad fraud
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate fraud
  • Fraud detection solutions
  • And more!

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“Anura was able to identify the affiliates who were not the best affiliates. We were able to start pruning our affiliate lists because of what we found in Anura.” 

Judith-Ann Sarjeant - Security Fraud and Compliance Specialist, Anura customer