No one is immune to bots. No matter the size of your website, you’re getting unwanted bot traffic. As bot software continues to evolve, website developers will have to drastically improve security and traffic filtration. Distinguishing a bot from an everyday user is difficult; as technology gets more sophisticated, it’s only going to get harder. Identifying malicious internet bots, of course, is only half the battle.

For brands and performance marketers, the ability to prevent the bad bots they’ve identified is the difference between a valuable campaign that drives results and leads and a campaign that invests money with little or no return.


In our e-book, Bots 101, you’ll discover:

  • What is a Bot?
  • Good Bots vs. Bad Bots.
  • How are bots affecting my digital campaigns?
  • How to stop bots.
  • And more!

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"Ad Fraud Is An Arms Race"

Bad bots can wreak havoc on your digital campaigns. Truth is, it doesn’t matter how fraudulent traffic comes into your web assets— impressions, clicks, form submissions, or transaction fraud— your campaign performance drags and your marketing dollars are being siphoned away.